Yay :) Here are a few more sneak peeks of some of my new work before it appears on my Online Shop Sail & Swan. I know that this work is a little bit different from my typical style but I wanted to take my art a bit further. My drawing style is still very much the same but I wanted to add some nice fresh tones and I love the neon and pastel colours that Giclee Printers can produce so beautifully. I also brought in a little bit more of my graphic design and manipulation skills. Hope you enjoy and would love comments and opinions.

x Lauren Faith


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  1. Hi Lauren! I love your work! I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining a group I recently started called "Crearo" designed for creatives. You can see the group here:


    but it's secret & invite only! The group's purpose is to support, network, encouragement, resources, feedback, sharing new projects, discover other artists, share inspiration, and promote each others work. To join I believe we would need to become friends on facebook and then I can add you! If you are interested just find my facebook page at www.bethanybarkey.com/fb and we will be in touch!


  2. Hi Bethany! Sounds lovely and I really like your idea - you are a bright spark indeed :)

  3. Thanks :) I sent you a request and will add you as soon as you respond! I'm excited.

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