Wow! If you haven't seen  Rebecca Thuss' portfolio you need to check it out! Rebecca is an award winning photo-stylist, a creative director, wedding designer and crafter. She worked for the Martha Stewart Living Magazine for ten years and is now running a photography and graphic design firm THUSS+FARRELL with her husband Patrick Farrell. I am in love with her work!

Hope you enjoy x

I'm super excited to see all the photos from the Pipsqueaks Market! If you remember a few weeks ago I had just designed their poster and drew up an illustration for them. My lovely friend Nikki Langmead is an amazing photographer and she took all the photos on the day - check out her Facebook here to have a look at more of her photos. So great to see the colouring in competition too as I designed the picture for the little ones :-)

Here are a few more images from the day:

Wow here is an interesting find! As unusual as the name - The Gently Unfurling Sneak - these finds by Anika Cook are wonderfully unique. Below are her 'Birdies Greeting Card', and hand cut/assembled 'Bunny' and 'Owlies' and 'Palace' Spotlights. Anika has a great story behind what she does and you can read about it here.

Hope you enjoy!
Lauren Faith x

My latest discovery of beauty on Etsy are these lovely paintings by Amber Alexander. So inspiring. I just love her use of colour and the way she incorporates natural elements into her work. Amber has been creating art since she was little and drew on inspiration from the one and only Beatrix Potter. She went on to attend a liberal arts school with a major in Art and minor in Art History and has recently had her work published in a children's book titled "Ninny Nu's Organic Farm". When I am finally not renting anymore I am going to fill my walls with her work! Make sure you send some love to her Facebook page here, or click the images below to view them on her online shop.

x Lauren Faith

Here are some pics of my Visual Merchandising class in the last week or so :) The first image is some group work we did together in class and the last two are what I did for my first assessment on creating a boutique wall display. I went for a natural and organic look using wood grain and mini (fake) plants. The vintage crates were from Cross Road Collectibles and I made the posters myself on Illustrator and Photoshop. As much as I am really missing doing artwork all day at uni I have to admit that I am loving this course and would recommend it to anyone!  Looking forward to posting more images up of the window displays I have coming up!

x Lauren Faith

Origami amazingness with old maps (made by my sister Candace!) and a pretty bird gift bag. Ahh...the tiny details and random things that I find beauty in :D

Yay so check it out! Bel and Bear are a boutique opening in Adelaide selling unique and beautiful items for babies and children. Emily, the amazing person who is running it, is super talented and I'm pretty excited to say that she asked me to design a poster for the grand opening - here it is below :-) Hope to see you there!

In case you don't follow me on Pinterest, I thought I'd show you a few bits and pieces of my latest sources of inspiration. Click on the images to follow them to their original sources.

 Anthropologie Dinnerware

Lovely artwork originally from the Oh Joy Blog

Loveliness from ImgFave - original source not given.

Beautiful nature styling on Love My Dress Blog

Art by Miranda Skoczek

 Stunning photograph and colours by Kevin McNeal

x Lauren Faith

I have fallen in love with these beautiful designs from Quill and Fox. Check out the website here! Created by Yas Imamura, Oregon designer and illustrator, Quill & Fox specialize in finely crafted paper goods and invitations. I love their simple styling and they have some great cards for Mothers Day! Hope you enjoy this special find :-)

x Lauren Faith

Yay! Special deals made with you in mind! Things always look great in threes and this is a great idea if you're getting something for a friend but wouldn't mind something for yourself too ;) Click the images below to see what's available on the Sail & Swan shop!




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