How can you start the week without some new inspiration?! I discovered Fine Pottery and Collectables by Catherine Reece - a delightful shop containing fun and whimsical pottery items with hand drawn illustrations! In order from top to bottom: 1. Rainbow Bird Bud Vases, 2. Dragonfly Serving Bowl, 3. Bird Coffee Mug4. Blue Dragonfly Ceramic Tray, and 5. Pair of Ladybug Coffee Mugs. How lovely!






Speaking of inspiration, I started classes today in my Visual Merchandising course. I think it's going to be a very fun year but the tasks ahead of me are quite daunting! First step: learning how to use a hammer and drill. Haha! Yes, I am a little out of my depth but I can't wait to learn new skills and turn my art/design flair into something a little more hands on. Things are going to get real busy now so I will do my best to keep up with my blog! It might take a while but once I have actually designed and constructed some work I'll be sure to photograph it and show you!

Have a great day!
Lauren Faith x

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