Yep that’s right! I have another Free Wallpaper for you to download and enjoy for the month of August :) This one is based on my original illustration titled ‘You Sculpt’ and features some lovely blue and neutral tones. Simply click the link to download and enjoy this pretty design at home or in your work space.

Have any feedback on my previous wallpapers? I’d love to know your thoughts and hear any suggestions or ideas for future projects!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!


I am so pleased to announce that my first Children's Book Illustration project is about to be released! To have my work in a published book is simply overwhelming and incredibly exciting. It was well over 12 months ago that Karina Hudson, a children's book author, initially approached me about illustrating some images for her moving story. After working on the project for so long, as well as waiting on the publishing process which can be quite lengthy,  it is so rewarding to see the end product in the flesh.

Karina holds 3 degrees in Education a Masters in Language and Literacy and she has taught in numerous schools, but in her spare time had taken to writing books. The storyline had been based on her own son's experiences which I find incredibly touching. 'My Two Houses' tells the story of a child who lives with the challenges of being in a blended family (a family that includes children of a previous marriage from one spouse or both). This can be a difficult and confusing time for everyone involved, and Karina had realised from her own experiences that it is important for the children involved to have something to help them through the process. She was saddened to discover that there weren't many books in the market which covered that topic, particularly from a Christian perspective. This was very important to her, and she wrote this book to act as an aid for young children who are walking through family break ups. 

'My Two Houses' by Karina Hudson is now available for purchase here.

Below are some photos from the Pre-Release Book Party.

 children's book illustrator adelaide lauren downton sail and swan

children's book illustrator adelaide lauren downton sail and swan

children's book illustration adelaide lauren downton sail and swan

 children's book illustrator adelaide lauren downton sail and swan

I'm excited that I'm officially back from holidays now! I certainly missed being away from my work and it's nice getting settled back into things again. I thought I'd show you a few photos from my time away - particularly of the Compassionate Hearts Foundation's Gala Dinner. The Compassionate Hearts Foundation do a huge amount of work to support other charities such as Multiple Sclerosis Society of SA & NT, FreeToBeKids, The Cancer Council, Compassion Australia and Mercy Indonesia. It was an incredibly fun night with entertainment, music, a photo booth, auctions and great company and food. I'd highly recommend getting yourself to next year's Gala Dinner!
For those of you who don't know I actually spent most of my time away in hospital and recovering, but I'm happy to say I'm back on track now and have BIG plans for Sail and Swan's range of Wedding Stationery and other product!
Thanks for your patience while I've been away and I look forward to releasing some exciting projects soon.

compassionate hearts foundation gala dinner adelaide fundraiser sail and swan

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