Angus & Celeste are my latest discovery of amazingness. A partnership formed in Melbourne Australia, Keir Angus MacDonald and Asha Celeste Cato met in 1997 while studying Fine Arts at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. With backgrounds in ceramics, printmaking and sculpture the designers began collaborating and by 2005 Angus & Celeste was born.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Angus and Celeste combine simple materials with complicated processes to produce nothing less than pure objects of desire. The time and attention to detail involved in every object is obvious as soon as you see it. Producing the highest quality contemporary porcelain jewellery and modern collectable homewares you will find Angus & Celeste in galleries, select stockists and in the gardens and homes of people who enjoy beautiful objects.

If you live in Adelaide, I bumped into their pretty items in Clever Dicks on The Parade. It's definitely worth seeing their work in person!
Hope you enjoy!

x Lauren Faith

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