Wow, a lot has happened since I last posted! During my holidays from TAFE I was busy working with a lovely lady from the Pipsqueaks Market, putting together several designs for her including a logo design and illustration. Here are the pics for you to see and make sure you check out the details on the poster because her grand opening launch is this Sunday!

x Lauren


Yay my lovely boyfriend Matt is turning 21 and as a birthday surprise I organized a couple's photo shoot. This is the amazing photography work of our friend Nikki Langmead. She is amazing.

Hope you enjoy! And PS...remember how I mentioned I was working on a logo for a photographer friend....Here are some of the final results!

x Lauren Faith

Oh my oh my! This is amazing! I have been thinking of painting a wall in chalkboard paint for one of my window display projects and I came across the most amazing artist! See her website here: It may look like clever graphic design but she does these chalk drawings by hand! Incredible.

Just wanted to celebrate the fact that I am on holidays from study yay! I am thoroughly enjoying Visual Merchandising but am definitely looking forward to having a bit more time for Sail & Swan again ;) ;)

So far we have learned all the basic stuff like Illustrator, plotting vinyl, applying lettering and graphics to glass, how to merchandise fashion items, cutting and painting props etc. I am really looking forward to next term because we have a lot of assignments due involving window displays! I will post as many photos as I can!

For now I will leave you with some loveliness from my online shop.

x Lauren Faith